Meet Our Staff

Dr. Bob Jordan
Senior Pastor
(309) 691-6322 x109

The best things to know about me include: I’m a follower of Jesus. I’m passionate about the Bible, I’m slowly learning to love more fully and to trust God’s grace. I’m married to Vicky, who is my best friend. I’m Dad to two sons whom I love and respect deeply. And I get to be the Senior Pastor at Northminister Presbyterian Church.


Other stuff that seems to interest some people: My Bachelor’s Degree is in Civil Engineering (UCLA). I went to Fuller Theological Seminary for my MDiv and to Cordon Conwell’s Charlotte campus for my DMin. I enjoy getting …

Rev. Mike Shirey
Associate Pastor
(309) 691-6322 x105

I have been an Associate Pastor at Northminster since 2001.  One of the things I love about this church is that it is a wonderful place for families.  My children, Ilene and Paul, literally grew up in this church!  I enjoy helping people learn more about the Bible in ways that help them relate the stories to their daily lives.  Although I am an introvert, I love being with people and helping them, especially in times of crisis.  Faith is a journey and I have had the privilege of joining people on that journey for more than 25 years.  My …

 Jos Smolik
Director of Youth Ministry
(309) 691-6322 x108

It may be true that I have the best job in the world.  I get to play dodgeball reguarly, eat lots of pizza and tell students about Jesus.  As Northminster's Youth Director, I find life-giving joy in teaching students about the God who loves them and has called them into relationship with Himself.  I love learning to know God through His Word and am grateful every day to work with teenagers who capture my passion and provide consistent challenge and encouragement.  I've been working with students for almost two decades and I am always amazed at the …

 Steve Gokool
Director of Music / Worship Leader
(309) 691-6322 x110

As Director of Music Ministries and Worship Leader at Northminster, I get to use the talents God gave me to do what I love.  I have been serving churches and communities for over 17 years.  I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior at the age of 9 and seek the Lord's guidance in everything I do.  I am a spirit-filled Christian that takes my daily faith walk very seriously.  Worship is a lifestyle and not a performance.

I am a well-traveled and multi-talented.  Coming from New York City, via New Mexico and Canada, I have experiences with …

 Keith Petran
Director of Operations
(309) 691-6322 x103

I am Northminster's Director of Operations.  I make sure the building and grounds are maintained and things are running smoothly.  My background is in customer service, sales and operations.  After 12 years with Vonachen Services Inc., I began here at NPC early 2016.  But, my job here at NPC is so much more than a building.  It's about the people that come here to work, play, learn and worship.

I have been in Central Illinois all my life.  I was raised in Chillicothe, graduated from IVC High School and Illinois Central College.  During high school, I met my …

 Kevin Curtin
Learning Center Director
(309) 691-6322 x114

I have been the Director of the Learning Center since July 2013.  After 33 years in public education, 8 as a teacher and coach, as well as 25 as an Elementary School Principal, I found a new calling at the Learning Center. I now have the opportunity to work with children just beginning their educational journey and teachers excited to instill a love of learning in those children.

I moved from the northwest suburbs of Chicago, to attend Illinois State University where I met my future wife, Lindy, and received my Bachelors in Elementary Education.  We married in 1983 and …

 Michelle Lundquist
Learning Center Associate Director
(309) 691-6322 x127

I am the Associate Director at the Northminster Learning Center.  I started at the Learning Center in August 2004 as a teacher.  This is when I was first introduced to Godly Play.  This is an amazing, developmentally appropriate way to teach about God to young children.  Along with Godly Play, I was exposed to a wonderful teaching staff that really wanted to teach young children a love of learning.  Now I get to see my son, Nolan(4), come through and experience all these wonderful opportunities and in just a few years, my husband I will get to see my daughter …

 Donna Cady
(309) 691-6322 x104

I have been the Financial Assistant since January 2005.  After working for a government agency for 26 years, little did I know that my next job was to be called to Northminster.  It did seem rather fitting since I come from a family of many pastors, including both of my grandfathers.  I count it a pleasure to be able to come to a place of worship every day to serve and work alongside other followers of Christ.

My other and most important calling is that of a wife to Ken for over 20 years and mom to our son Christopher. …

 Karen Ring
Pastoral Assistant
(309) 691-6322 x101

HI!  I am Northminster's Pastoral Assistant.  If you would have told me 25 years ago that I would be a church secretary, I would have thought you were crazy!  But, it is where God wants me and I have been incredibly blessed.  I started working at Northminster when they opened this building in 1996 as a teacher in the Parent/Toddler class before the Learning Center came to be.  In 2002, one of the church secretaries was resigning and I was asked to fill her spot.  I did not have any experience in this area but I knew the church, the …

 Robyn Flanagan
Administrative Assistant
(309) 691-6322 x102

I am Northminster's Administrative Assistant.  I like getting to know people and listening to their stores, which helps being the person sitting behind the large glass window in the front office.  If you like to share stories, laugh, enjoy a hot beverage, especially coffee, I am your person.  I have always considered myself a Christian  but I would say that I was not always a follower of Christ.  I have come to realize in the last several years that my relationship with God matters and how I share HIm with others matters.  One way I develop that relationship with God …