The governing body of Presbyterian congregations is called the Session. The Session is made up of men and women who are called Elders. The office of Elder has its roots in both the Old and New Testaments. Elders were looked to in ancient times as those who were gifted with the necessary wisdom and experience to lead and guide God's people. While we still respect the wisdom that comes with age, we believe that God calls people from different stages in life to serve as Elders in our church. We rely on the Holy Spirit to help us chose those whom he has giften the wisdom necessary to lead our church along the path God has set before us.


The Session of Northminster Presbyterian Church is composed of nine elders. Elders are elected by the congregation to a three year term. Each year three new elders are elected to replace the three whose service is complete. The Head Pastor moderates the Session. The records of the Session are maintained by the Clerk of Session.


The Session is responsible for overseeing the ministries of the church, establishing the church budget, and modeling a life of faithfulness and obedience to the congregation.


The Session of Northminster Presbyterian Church

Class of 2018

Bob Brandow

Amy Frans

Jennifer Loer


Class of 2019

David Edwards

Randy McCrea

Lori Petran


Class of 2020

Joe Mason

Erich Michelfelder

Joanna Stuck



Dr. Bob Jordan


Clerk of Session

Jon Hegwood