Dr. Bob Jordan
Senior Pastor
(309) 691-6322 x109

The best things to know about me include: I’m a follower of Jesus. I’m passionate about the Bible, I’m slowly learning to love more fully and to trust God’s grace. I’m married to Vicky, who is my best friend. I’m Dad to two sons whom I love and respect deeply. And I get to be the Senior Pastor at Northminister Presbyterian Church.


Other stuff that seems to interest some people: My Bachelor’s Degree is in Civil Engineering (UCLA). I went to Fuller Theological Seminary for my MDiv and to Cordon Conwell’s Charlotte campus for my DMin. I enjoy getting …

Rev. Mike Shirey
Associate Pastor
(309) 691-6322 x105

Mike came to Northminster in September of 2000 to serve as the Associate Pastor for Community Building and Small Group 
Development. He received his Bachelor’s in Classical Languages from Borromeo College of Ohio and his Master’s of Divinity from Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. He was ordained in 1991. After ordination, Mike served as a solo pastor for nine years at churches in Indiana and Ohio.

Mike’s interests include genealogy, reading (especially history, theology, and politics), and teaching (especially the Old Testament). Mike’s wife, Marje is a native of Peoria and is …