The office of Deacon was the first office established by the apostolic church in Jerusalem to meet the needs of the widows in the fellowship of believers (Acts 6). As such, it was first envisioned as a ministry of compassion and hands-on caring for those in need. It still retains that focus in Presbyterian congregations around the world. 

The size of the Board of Deacons is set by the Session. There are currently nineteen Deacons assisting the pastors and the parish nurses in providing spiritual and pastoral care to our members, their families, and the community. Deacons are elected by the congregation and serve three year terms. They meet monthly to pray for the church and coordinate the ministry of compassion that is so essential to the health and vitality of our congregation.


The Deacons of Northminster Presbyterian Church


Class of 2016

Diane Brown

Diana Fritz

Andy Moran

Jess Pershbacher

Fred Prager

Marje Shirey




Class of 2017

Christine Best

Sue Blocker

Monte Creger

Jason Flanagan

Matt Frans

Stacey Moore

Lori Rohlfing


Class of 2018

Bill Blocker

Debbie Kammueller

Paula Koy

Regina Murphy

Fred Shane

Meridy Thorn

Michele Stewart