Our Vision, Mission & Purpose


The Vision of Northminster Presbyterian Church is to be a Christ Centered Community doing God’s work in the World.



Our Mission is to reach out and embrace others with God’s Love.



The Great Purpose Christ has given us is expressed in the Great Commandment, to love God wholeheartedly while loving neighbors as ourselves, and in the Great Commission, to reach out and make disciples.


Northminster’s Logo

Northminster’s logo was designed by Dr. Roane L. Deckert and executed by member Bob Moore in 1985.


"Sent out to Bring Others In"


The cross creates the powerful outward movement of the church. Christ’s love lives in his people and propels them out to share his love and brings others to Him. The outward-bound arrows create the arrows going back to the cross.


When we respond to the call of Christ, we are empowered by the love of God to fulfill the Great Commission. In loving neighbors as ourselves, we fulfill the Great Commandment by searching the highways and byways of life to bring people to the table of our Lord.