Discernment Process

In 2010 Northminster Presbyterian Church began looking at the doctrinal and political trajectory of the PCUSA and saw two areas of concern: a lack of denominational conviction and defense of sound biblical doctrine and a desire to alter the Gospel message to align with culture.  In response, Northminster began exploring membership in a new denomination: ECO: A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians.


ECO’s emphasis on teaching, equipping, being missional, and holding congregations accountable for spiritual growth immediately resonated with our church’s mission statement. As a result, left the PCUSA and joined ECO. We are excited to be a part of a movement that will challenge us to not simply live out the Gospel inside our sanctuary on Sunday mornings, but take his message to the ends of the earth. The congregation voted to take this step in October, 2013. The result was an overwhelming majority (90%).


The documents and recordings below are intended to give you a picture of the process in which we have engaged as well as providing relevant information about it.

Date Documentation
2013-10-15 Congregational Letter Re: Vote Results
2013-10-09 Vision & Values of ECO
2013-09-19 Congregation Letter Re: Upcoming Final Vote
2013-09-09 ECO Blog: News & Stories from ECO a Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians
Visit eco-pres.org/blog every Monday and Thursday for new content and conversation. The blog will feature ideas, stories, and reflections on ministry and leadership. Some posts will be about news and next steps within the ECO movement. Other posts will be words of challenge or encouragement from the front lines of ministry, as together we seek to live out the call to make disciples of Jesus Christ!
2013-05-22 ECO Welcome/Acceptance Letter
2012-11-11 November 11, 2012 Town Hall Meeting Audio
2012-11-05 Frequently Asked Questions about NPC and PCUSA Paper
2012-11-04 November 4, 2012 Town Hall Meeting Audio
2012-10-22 October 22, 2012 Congregational Update Letter
2012-10-14 October 14, 2012 Town Hall Meeting Audio
2012-10-02 October 2, 2012 Congregational Update Letter
2012-09-27 September 27, 2012 Audio File
2012-09-23 September 23, 2012 Audio File
2012-08-04 August 4, 2012 Congregational Forum Audio
2012-07-25 July 25, 2012 Congregational Update Letter
2012-06-24 June 24, 2012 Congregational Forum Audio
2012-06-11 June 11, 2012 Congregational Update
2012-05-03 Essential Tenets of Reformed Faith
2012-05-01 May 1, 2012 Congregational Letter
2011-09-26 September 26, 2011 Per Capita Letter
Chart of the most recent changes in the PCUSA Form of Government
Fellowship of Presbyterians
ECO A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians