Holiday Camp


The Northminster Learning Center Holiday Camp is a safe, structured and fun opportunity for families of school age children who need childcare on days when school is not in session.


Northminster is pleased to offer a Christian based Holiday Camp  program for your school-aged child. We offer children a unique school holiday experience with a steff ready to provide your child with a variety of school holiday options.  Holiday Campers will be provided a variety of engaging activities ranging from playing and interacting with friends to choosing to go outside or play in the gym.  Whether your child likes to get busy with homework or a school project, enjoys reading on the classroom couch, or needs to blow off steam from the busy school schedule, our program can provide your child with choices to meet their needs.


Northminster is blessed to have a spacious outdoor playground, access to the gym and sports equipment as well as experiences in the outdoor nature classroom.  Our Holiday Camp children have room to move and benefit from unstructured outdoor experiences.


The Holiday Camp program is staffed with certified teachers knowledgeable in providing engaging activities, proper classroom management, and giving children lots of individual attention.  Knowing your child is safe and happy in a Christian environment until you can pick him/her up, is our goal.  TO REGISTER JUST CLICK HER E

  "Holiday Camp" is provided for school holidays as well as Dunlap's Spring Break -  Columbus Day, Dunlap Parent-Teacher Conferences, Veteran's Day, day before Thanksgiving,  2 days before Christmas and 2 days after New Years Day, MLK Day, President's Day, and Dunlap's Spring break!


For more information, please contact Kevin Curtin (691-6322 ) or Michelle Lundquist (691-6322)

We are happy to answer questions or provide you with a tour of our facility.