Curiosity Corner

(Age 24-36 Months)

Curiosity Corner is a class offered to toddlers to develop cognitive, language, social, and motor skills. Toddlers 24 to 36 months are divided into age-appropriate classrooms where our “toddler preschool” offers children opportunities to play, learn and explore in a safe Christian environment. Children follow a structured daily routine that emphasizes independence, free-choice, and participation in group activities.

Children can attend the Monday/Tuesday or Wednesday/Thursday Sessions. Class times are from 8:30 until 11:00 a.m. Children may also attend a Friday session in addition to their regular schedule for an additional $35.00 per month.


Some of the specific details regarding Curiosity Corner Program  include:


Our Philosophy

Curiosity Corner provides a nurturing, safe, and stimulating learning environment.  As early childhood educators, we know children learn best through active, engaged, meaningful play; therefore, we firmly believe play is the children's work.  We understand children are naturally curious and learn best when allowed to actively explore, involve all their senses, manipulate real objects, work together with adults and other children, make meaningful plans, and build upon what they already know.  Our curriculum reflects these needs while fostering independence, empathy, cooperation, and creativity.  In-depth explorations of a topic which are motivated by the child's interest, excitement, and curiosity allow the curriculum to be presented in a developmentally appropriate manner.  Families support the classroom by their collaboration and participation.  Parents are considered partners in the learning journey and the program is dedicated to building strong family partnerships.



For more information, please call Kevin Curtin or Michelle Lundquist, at 691-6322x127.
We are happy to answer questions or provide you with a tour of our facility.