Fitness Trail & Hiking

Fitness Trail & Hiking

NSM has a paved fitness - nature trail that gives you an opportunity to explore the grounds as well as wander into the woods and see nature up close.

The paved fitness trail loops you can walk:

Loop A is 1,635 feet
Loop C is 1,650 feet
*Loop B is 3,055 feet 

* Loop B will be paved as funds are received and designated for this part of the trail.


Click here for a map of the Northminster fitness trail


Hike the woods of Robinson Park (Peoria Park District) approximately 1/4 mile east of Northminster on Mossville Road. Boy Scout Troop 88 (sponsored by Northminster) and other area Troops have built hiking trails, bridges over the ravines and along the riverbed throughout Robinson Park.. The park also has a picnic shelter, rest rooms, and a fire pit. Contact the Peoria Park District for space reservations.


Click here for a map of the Robinson Park hiking trail