Do you want to meet your fellow members in a social setting?


We invite you to attend the events that the Fellowship Team plans throughout the year. Come and join us for Christian fellowship and get to know the people who sit around you on Sunday mornings! 


Check this page frequently for what events are next!

50+ Lunch Bunch
Female and Male Alike


Have you been wondering what happen to the Lunch Bunch ? Well , rest ashore we will be ready to start up again next month. In September we will meeting on  the last Friday of the month instead of the third Friday of the month.  The date of the Lunch Bunch will be September 22nd. Lunch will be provided at a cost of $7. If for some reason you are on a strict diet and have to eat certain foods, feel free to bring your lunch and enjoy the program and some Christian fellowship. This is one Lunch Bunch you will not want to miss. Mike Shirey will be giving a presentation on his trip to Israel. I’m sure it will be quite entertaining as well as educational. It will be interesting to see where our Lord and Savior has once walked and lived. Please phone in your reservation to Bobbie Prager at 692-5381.The hostesses for the brunch are Bev and Randy Taylor, Myron and Phyllis Dempsey and Gary and Barbara Van Cleave.