Welcome to Northminster Kid Zone

Welcome to Northminster Presbyterian Church Children's Ministry! We are thrilled that you have visited our site today!  Here you will find information for all of our age groups, weekly updates with snapshots of what we are doing, and even parent resources that will help families and church partner together.


Our mission is “working in concert with their families, we will reach out to the children in our congregation and our community to build a spiritual foundation for a lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ.”


Here in the KidZone we believe in a strategy that connects parents and leaders with a better approach to leading the next generation. Together, the love of family (red) and the light of the church (yellow) make orange! As church leaders we only have about 40 hours a year to infuse faith in the lives of your kids, but you, as parents, have over 3000 hours a year to infuse faith in the lives of your kids! We want to partner with you as we raise up the next generation together! 


During September - May, we hold Kid Groups, a small group ministry for kids, at the 10:00 am hour.  Here, kids are placed in small group with their peers, at least one adult and one youth, who commit to them for the school year.  Leaders learn about the kids, have fun with them, and help them build an authentic faith.  Registration is FREE! If you are new to Northminster, you can check in with a member of our Hospitatlity Team, located at the KidZone sign, before Kid Groups to get signed up.


This website will be an important means of communication with your family and our community! You can also ‘like’ Northminster Kid Zone on Facebook for pictures, updates, announcements, and parenting cues!