Resources for Parents

Resources for Parents

Research tells us that the church family has 40 hours a year to infuse faith in the life of a child.  While families have 3000 hours to infuse faith in the lives of their children!  We want to equip you, and partner with you as we raise up our children. Here, you will find monthly resources: Both a preview video and parent cue quips. 


We encourage you to download the Parent Cue app!  This app provides this information right at your fingertips, as well as parent articles, podcasts, and videos.


Also, provided on this page is a weekly Parent Cue.  This handout is an awesome way to be connected with what we are studying, and learn quips to engage your kids during drive time, cuddle time, bath time, and playtime. 



The Parent Cue App
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Parent Cues
Click here for awesome, easy ways to connect your preschooler with faith during mealtime, car time, bath time, cuddle time, and play time.

November Preschool Parent Cue