Preschool Kid Groups

Sunday Kid Groups @ 10:00 am

How are Kid Groups different than Sunday School?

A traditional Sunday School model uses an adult as a teacher to impart knowledge on to his/her students. Kid Groups utilize adult and youth leaders also.  Kid Groups promote kids learning about God with their peers and leaders as well as focusing on building friendships and community.  Kid Group leaders commit to the kids all school year. Our leaders are all about showing up consistently making small deposits over time that build a really big faith.  


How does this work on Sundays? During Kid Groups, children and their parents will be greeted at the door by a friendly teacher.  The children will get their name tags, while the parents will sign in their child. Then, the child will be shepherded to the carpet to engage in a fun, hands-on activity with another teacher.  After the children have arrived, they will engage in singing, and participating in an interactive Bible story that coordinate with the monthly theme. After hearing the story, children will partake in an activity that helps them understand, and remember the Bible story of the day. Finally, they will chat about how the story applies to themselves, and share prayer requests.


When and Where? Sunday mornings @ 10:00 am, in room 310 (next to the nursery).


What curriculum do you use?

First Look curriculum is designed so that each preschooler will grow up believing:

  • God made me.
  • God loves me.
  • Jesus wants to be my forever friend.


First Look gives preschoolers their introduction to the story of God by providing weekly Bible story presentations that are highly creative, interactive, and age-specific.  Each lesson emphasizes a monthly Bottom Line to help make it easily applicable.


For more information about our First Look curriculum: