Nursery FAQ

Nursery FAQ


What happens if my child needs me while I’ m in service?

When you check your child in at the nursery, we will ask you for your cell phone number, and where you will be located in the church during your child’s stay.  This way, we can send you a text, or come and find you if you are needed.


What should I bring?

We will provide a healthy snack, such as Goldfish or Cheerios.  However, you are welcome to bring anything that your child needs.


Please bring extra diapers, wipes, and complete change of clothing for oops times.  Label everything that belongs to your family.


Who is the staff at the nursery?

Our nursery staff is made up of a combination of both paid attendants and volunteers.  There are two nursery attendants staffed at all services, and major events.  Paid attendants must be 14 years old, and acquire a worker’s permit.  All nursery staff complete annual Nursery Training as well as Safe Boundaries certification.


How early can I drop my child off before service, or event?

Our nursery staff opens the doors 15 minutes prior to worship services, and other events.  You are more than welcome to come in and help your child get acclimated if need be.


I am interested in working as a paid staff and/or volunteer in the nursery.  What do I do next?

If you’re interested in joining the nursery staff please contact for an application.