Kid Groups - Elementary School

Sunday Kids Groups @ 10:00 am

How are Kid Groups different than Sunday School?

A traditional Sunday School model uses an adult as a teacher to impart knowledge on to his/her students. Kid Groups utilize adult and youth leaders also.  Kid Groups promote kids learning about God with their peers and leaders as well as focusing on building friendships and community.  Kid Group leaders commit to the kids all school year. Our leaders are all about showing up consistently making small deposits over time that build a really big faith.  


Kid Group experiences allow children to learn in small groups with their age-like peers. They also worship, and interact with the Bible story in a large group setting. At home, parents will be equipped with handouts and even an app, Parent Cue, that can help them make the faith connections with their children throughout the week.


How does it work on Sundays?

At Sunday Kids Group (Sunday School), children and their parents will be greeted at the door by a friendly teacher.  The children will get their name tags, while the parents sign in their child.  The children will engage in an introductory activity, with another teacher, that gets them thinking about the Bible Lesson. Then, all small-group children K-5 will move into large group.  Here, they will sing, worship, and hear a Bible story through creative skits.  Children will then head back to their small groups to do a hands-on activity that helps reinforce the lesson.  Children will pray together before leaving Kid Groups.


What Curriculum do you use? 252 Basics is based on Luke 2:52, and provokes discovery in the heart of the child.  This curriculum is designed to shape identity through planting these truths into the heart of every elementary school age child:

  • I need to make a wise choice (Wisdom).
  • I can trust God no matter what (Faith).
  • I should treat others the way I want to be treated (Friendship).


When and Where?

Sunday mornings @ 10:00 am.

Children will start in their small groups, with age-like peers.

K/1 ~ Room 403 (Learning Center)

2/3 ~ Room 410 (Learning Center)

4/5 ~ Room 314 (off of the Fellowship Hall)